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7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins for 2023

A timeline is a great way to showcase events, milestones, or historical data in a visually appealing manner. However, displaying a responsive timeline on your WordPress site is not a simple matter of uploading an image. If you have a WordPress website and you’re looking to add a timeline to your site, then you’ll need …

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How to Add an Alias in macOS with Terminal

If you are a macOS user, you may find yourself typing the same long and complex commands repeatedly in the terminal. This can be tedious and time-consuming, even if you are using simple commands multiple times. Fortunately, macOS allows you to create aliases, which are custom keyboard shortcuts for commands that you use frequently. Here …

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How to Get the Current Page URL in WordPress

If you have ever tinkered with code in WordPress themes and plugins, you’ll likely come across situations where you need get the current page URL. This knowledge can come in especially handy when you want to use the URL in certain templates that are outside of the Loop. Here are several ways to get the …

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10 Best WordPress Table of Contents Plugins in 2023

If you have ever needed to break down a long, content-heavy post on your WordPress website, then you know the value of having a user-friendly table of contents (TOC). Not only does it provide readers with an organized list of topics to start the post, it can also help search engines understand and index your …

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